Our Favourite Small Businesses

As a small business ourselves, we have always been aware of the importance of supporting other small businesses and brands, and we have been so lucky to have developed some amazing relationships with various other small business owners and entrepreneurs. There are so many small businesses and brands that we truly love, so we wanted to make sure we shared them with our readers so that they could fall in love with them as much as we have! While our list of favourite small businesses is long, we wanted to share just a handful of our current favourites and the things that make each of them special.


Saltyface is a skincare company we have been obsessed with recently, because they are focused on clean ingredients and leaving a positive impact on the environment. As a small business, Saltyface is committed to implementing sustainable business practices and promoting greater confidence through encouraging consumers to embrace their natural beauty. We absolutely love all of their products, and the values the company stands for, so we could not wait to share this wonderful small business with all of our readers.

All natural freckle stain product for a clean and simple make-up lookGradual face tanning drops for an all-natural skincare and beauty product on a white bedside table
Photo Credits: Saltyface

Haven Makers:

Another brand new Canadian small business that we have been loving is Haven Makers which was recently launched by Adrianna’s sister-in-law Katelyn. Haven Makers sells stunning, handmade pillows that come in a beautiful variety of textures, prints, and colors to suit every home. We have these pillows all around our own houses because they make every room feel extra cozy and are the perfect purchase for anyone looking to revive a dull space.

Neutral toned cushion with simple pattern on an earth-toned wicker chair for minimalist and boho-chic home decor inspirationBed with a wooden slate headboard and beautiful neutral-toned patterned cushions for a minimalist and boho-chic home decor inspiration
Photo Credits: Haven Makers

Little Pine Company:

Little Pine Company is another amazing small business we have been loving lately that sells custom embroidered family portraits. Every order is handmade by Joti Wall and make the most beautiful and precious way to honour your family, or the perfect gift for someone special. We personally love Little Pine Company because their products are so unique and personal, and they are something you can cherish forever.

Hand embroidered family portrait, neutral tones, minimalist home decor and perfect gift for your familyHand embroidered heart, perfect for gifts for any occasion
Photo Credits: Little Pine Company

Kerrisdale Cocktails:

Who doesn’t love a good cocktail? Especially with summer right around the corner, everyone is looking for a perfectly refreshing, light cocktail for those sunny days outside. Luckily, one of our favourite small businesses, Kerrisdale Cocktails, just launched a ready-to-pour gin cocktail using hand squeezed grapefruit juice. These cocktails are refreshing and a super great drink to have on-hand when you’re entertaining, because they could not be any easier to just pour and enjoy.

Refreshing gin cocktails for summer on a shelf with dried floralsRefreshing gin cocktails perfect for summer, ready-to-pour
Photo Credits: Kerrisdale Cocktails

Naetal Skincare:

Another one of our favourite, and brand new, small businesses is Naetal Skincare: a skincare company dedicated to transparency and developing mindfully-created skincare products for pregnancy, post-partum and beyond. All of their products use simple, clean ingredients, making them the perfect products for every skin type, and each product is ethically made in Canada. We cannot get enough of their soothing bath salts made with oats and calendula.

All natural baby butter made with clean and simple ingredientsAll natural skincare made for pregnancy, post-partum and beyond using simple, clean ingredients
Photo Credits: Naetal Skincare

Rauw Jewelry:

We love everything to do with jewelry and accessories, which is why Rauw Jewelry is one of our current favourite small businesses. As a company, Rauw Jewelry is dedicated to sustainability and maintaining a low carbon footprint, making it the perfect jewelry company for conscious consumers. Rauw Jewelry makes gorgeous, handmade jewelry using recycled silver, gold, and bronze that helps you feel connected to summer days on the beach, even on those cold winter days. For anyone looking for new jewelry, Rauw Jewelry offers a wide variety of unique pieces to help you accessorize every day that we are certain you will love as much as we do.

Sustainable necklace made out of recycled gold inspired by the beach and summer daysSustainable earrings made out of recycled gold inspired by summer and the beach
Photo Credits: Rauw Jewelry

Keep Company:

Keep Company is another one of our favourite small businesses that makes ethically made baby wraps and bassinets that are comfortable to wear and help “keep your little ones close.” Just like Golden August, Keep Company was founded by two best friends, and moms, who were inspired to create an amazing product that they had always wanted to see on the market. Since they initially launched their business, Keep Company has been dedicated to making products to help parents and they have expanded their product offerings to include a wide range of wonderful products such as burp cloths, organic belly oil, and washcloths.

All-natural baby wraps made out of organic material All-natural baby wraps made out of organic material; pampas grass in the background
Photo Credits: Keep Company


Pink House:

Another one of our favourite small businesses and brands is Pink House who offers a large variety of all-natural and affordable beauty and self-care products from bath bombs to face masks and everything in between. We love small businesses that put their consumers first, and Pink House ensures all their products are free from toxic dyes, odors, and chemicals so that you can feel safe using them.

All natural skincare using fresh, simple, and clean ingredientsAll natural skincare using fresh, simple, and clean ingredients
Photo Credits: Pink House

Imagine Perry:

Last but certainly not least is Imagine Perry, a sustainable swimwear line that is made for all body types. Every swimsuit from Imagine Perry is sustainably made in Vancouver and uses material that comes from recycled plastic bottles. They offer swimsuits for women, girls, and boys that are UPF 50+, so you can feel safe wearing them every day this summer!

Woman on a beach wearing a sustainably made swimsuit made from recycled plastic bottlesWoman wearing sustainable and ethically-made swimsuit made from recycled plastic bottles, standing next to a vase with pampas grass
Photo Credits: Imagine Perry
We hope you love all of these small businesses just as much as we do. Happy shopping!

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