How to Liven Up a Dull Space

As we are spending more and more time in our homes, many of us are noticing things we want to change about our space. While it may be tempting to dream of fully renovating your kitchen, living room, or bedroom, sometimes a few small changes can liven up a dull space with minimal effort.

Pampas Grass:

Pampas grass is a perfect addition to any room, offering a beautiful pop of brightness and texture to any space. It brings a soft, fluffiness to any room, and provides a nice contrast to the harsh lines of some furniture. Pampas grass provides a perfect way to fill that empty space in the corner of a room that you’ve been wondering what to do with, or a unique way to dress up a cabinet or shelf that is in desperate need of a refresh.

To style pampas grass within your home, pair your pampas grass with an oversized vase or minimalist jug to create a flawless statement piece that can fit anywhere in your home.


Pampas grass and a glass vase in a sunny, white room. Minimalist inspiration for dried florals and pampas grassLiving room with pampas grass, bunny tails and dried florals. Bookshelf with white and neutral books, ceramics, and baskets. Boho-inspired, minimalist living room. Golden August

If you’re looking for simple and easy ways to style your pampas grass on a shelf or a cabinet, pair your pampas grass with similar-coloured books, candles, or unique ceramics, like these from SIN, to create a dressed-up, monochromatic display that can help you liven up a dull living or bedroom space. For a bolder look, try placing a tapestry above your cabinet, like these from Bad Scandi, to complement the soft, natural textures of your pampas grass.

Shelf with dried pampas grass in a vase, minimalist ceramics, and a white, beaded mirror. Boho, minimalist, pampas grass home decor inspirationLiving room dried pampas grass makeover inspiration. Dried pampas grass, ceramics, minimalist and boho home decor ideas
(Photo Credit: Aspyn Ovard)

If you’ve always felt your space feels too dark, try a lighter shade of pampas grass, to lend a beautiful, natural brightness to any room. The brightness of our Sun Bleached or our Arizona Pampas Grass will help remind you of a bright, sunny day even on those cold, cloudy days. If your room feels too ‘one-note’, or bland, try a deeper shade of pampas grass like our Sonoma or our Desert Pampas Grass to bring that much-needed depth to your space of choice.


Dried Palms:

While pampas grass is the perfect addition to your space, dried palms transform any room into an island retreat with just a few simple steps. Golden August offers dried palms in a number of different shapes, colours, and sizes to complement the aesthetic of your home.

One of the easiest ways to liven up a dull space is to revamp your wall space. Luckily mounting dried palms to the wall is one of the easiest DIYs you can do, and larger palms like the Paloma Palm make the perfect wall décor for your home. Just grab a few command strips and start placing your dried palms wherever your heart desires!

Dried palm spears and dried palm suns in a vase. Minimalist home decor inspiration

If changing your wall space isn’t what you’re looking for, dried palms can also be styled in your favourite vase to fit anywhere in your home. Try adding some dried palm suns to your coffee table, bedside table, or shelf to bring a little slice of paradise to any room in your home. The dried palm suns come in five different colours to fit perfectly in any space.

Palm suns on a coffee table in a living room. Minimalist, boho home decor inspiration. Dried florals, dried pampas grass, dried palms
 (Photo Credit: @kerricolfer)


Bunny Tails:

Bunny tails are some of the cutest dried florals and are perfect as a simple accent for your home. Whether you want clean, bleached bunny tails, or more natural-looking bunny tails, these dried florals fit anywhere in your home. Place them in your favourite vase and put them in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or any space where you want something subtle and soft.

Use bunny tails to liven up your tablescape or place them on your mantel as a cute and elegant addition to your home. Like pampas grass, bunny tails bring a unique, natural texture to your home and can be the perfect way to liven up a dull space.


Dried bunny tails in a vase next to the kitchen sink. Minimalist home decor inspiration, dried florals, dried bunny tails


Dried bunny tails on a shelf. Minimalist, boho, home decor inspiration

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