About Us

Golden August is a local pampas and dried floral shop run by best friends Adrianna & Alysha. As full-time moms, Golden August was a way to get out, meet new amazing people and design gorgeous pieces for your home, wedding or where ever else you can dream up! Golden August is your go to for all things dried, fluffy and everlasting across North America.

Golden August stumbled into the dried floral world by accident, but fell in love instantly. Inspired by sunny California vibes, Golden August has brought a new style trend to home decor, weddings and installation displays.

Golden August is an everlasting feeling of sun, warmth, natural tones and desert vibes. A brand where quality and minimalism go hand in hand. A product that lasts years, yet stays as pretty as the day you received it.

A little more about us:

We met in 8th grade science class. Been BFF's ever since! So hello 16 years!!!

Our parents trusted us at the age of 18 to travel to Europe for 4 months together! Laughing thinking about those adventures as I type.

We have 3 cute kiddos between the two of us and are full time mommas running this full time biz! We try and do it at the same time so please be patient with us! To all the mompreneurs, we see you and you kick ass!!

Golden August was never a planned business venture but we are sure glad it happened! To anyone who has an idea or pondering a business thought, we encourage you to explore it and see where it takes you! If it scares you, it might be a good thing! We started Golden August without a clue about business or running one, overtime the feel for it comes to you and your confidence in it will too!

We are both major dreamers and have big plans for the future. We cannot wait to share this journey with all of you!

Thank you for being here and following along.

Adrianna + Alysha